Norville holding practice session tomorrow at GFC for veterans

Former national player Godfrey Norville is inviting  all over-50 players, including past national players, to attend a meeting and practice session tomorrow from 10:00hrs at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC).

The meeting and practice session, according to Norville, is in preparation for games against Flamingo Veterans over-50 Football Club and Nickerie over-50 Football Club, and both are expected to tour Guyana after Easter for the games. According to Norville who is now visually impaired, the Flamingo Club will tour Guyana before Nickerie Club for games that will be scheduled after Easter once the Guyanese over-50 squad can be named to play against the Surinamese teams.

The games which have not been played in Guyana for an eight-year period will be played at the GFC ground at a date to be announced after Easter. When asked by Stabroek Sport, why the eight-year gap in staging the games, Norville stated, “Well I didn’t have sponsorship to bring them back and the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) was unsupportive of me but now I have the sponsorship to bring them again.”

Meanwhile, according to Norville, Guyana won the encounters when the teams last met at the GFC ground and are expected to have return matches.

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