The 2012 Carifta team is stuck in a financial crisis and will need approximately $G2.9 if the 10-member contingent selected by the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) is to participate at the April 7-9 games in Bermuda.

The team, which consists of male sprinters Tevin Garraway, Stephan James, Chavez Ageday and Davin Fraser; female sprinters Letitia Myles, Tirana Mitchell and Shomain  Daniels, distance male, Samuel Caitan, distance female Andrea Foster and long jumper Timothy Fullington is ready and raring to go.

Colin Boyce

According to president of the AAG, Colin Boyce, the association has so far only raised quarter of the money and would need approximately 2.9 million to send the squad to Bermuda.

He is appealing to the government and the private sectors to sponsor the team as they are in a prime position to secure probably the most medals at the Carifta championships this year.

Ageday, James, Fraser and Garraway have been phenomenal this season and are atop the pecking order in the senior category this year.

The four athletes defeated the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Defence Force 4×100 metres teams by approximately seven metres in a time of 42.5s and the  quartet stand poised  to become the first quartet in Guyana’s history to contest a 4×100 metres event at the Carifta Games.

Among the females, Myles has been spectacular.

She is the number one ranked female sprinter in Guyana at 100 metres barring the experienced 37-year-old veteran Alicia Fortune.

Garraway stands a chance of medalling in the Under-17-100 metres with his season best at 10.8s while Ageday’s season fastest time in the 100 metres stands at 10.2s.

There is also James who placed fourth in the 400 metres at last year’s Carifta Games final and who is.
now running faster this season.

Andrea Foster is also a junior that can make some noise in the female under-17 1500 metres as Guyana has excelled at the distance races at previous Carifta Games.

The AAG is faced with the dilemma of finding the money to send the best barrage of talent they have put together in a while or risk hurting the aspirations of these athletes come April 7.

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