Mc Kinnon upstages strong handgun field

Smallbore vice-captain Ryan McKinnon upstaged a competitive field to win last Sunday’s three-stage Practical Pistol Shoot at the Timehri ranges in the first competition for 2012 featuring members of the Small bore section of the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA).

He secured victory following his precision in all three stages securing 80 points at stage one and 60 points apiece at the other two stages.

Former captain Dale Hing claimed second position after he finished second in the first and second stages with 60.45 points and 53.43 points respectively.

Gordon Richards was third with two third places.

In the keenly contested Novices category, Ravi Mohabeer emerged victorious from Rajiv Latchana with Ryan Beharry third.

The tournament was held under the guidelines of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) rules and attracted most of the association’s leading handgun shooters.

The results by stage are as follows:

Stage 1- 1st Ryan McKinnon 80points, 2nd Dale Hing 60.45points, 3rd Ray Beharry 56.86points

Stage 2- 1st Ryan McKinnon 60points, 2nd Dale Hing 53.43points, 3rd Gordon Richards 37.92points

Stage 3- 1st Ryan McKinnon 60points, 2nd Ray Beharry 44.42points, 3rd Gordon Richards 39.66points

Novice Stage 1- 1st Rajiv Latchana 30points, 2nd Ravi Mohabeer 28.92points, 3rd Ryan Beharry 27.01points

Novice Stage 2- 1st Pravesh Harry 50points, 2nd Ravi Mohabeer 40.62points, 3rd Ryan Beharry 37.14points

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