Guinness Greatest of the Street Linden 2012…Twenty-eight goals scored on 2nd night

Group stage action in the Linden leg of the 2012, Guinness Greatest of the Street Futsal competition continued on Tuesday evening at the Silver City Hard Court with six of the eight fixtures producing results.

Just like the opening night on Sunday, fans  in the mining town were treated to an exciting brand of all-round street football which resulted in a total of 28 goals being scored. Just one less than the match day one games, which saw 29 goals scored.

The highlights of the evening were two lively end-to-end encounters between Street Vybz and HI-Stars along with Hardknock and Trainline Warriors. Although both of these games finished 1-1, numerous attempts on goal were made by the quartet of teams. But very good defending forced each side to orchestrate incisive plays in order to find the goal.

Second night action during the 2012 Linden Leg of the Guinness Greatest of the Street Competition.

Adrian Edmundson, I. Webster, Darrel George and S. Breweley produced the best individual performances on the night, scoring two goals each.

These double strikers aided their respective teams Coomacka United, El Dorado and Retrieve Unknowns and ½ Mile/1 Mile in securing 3-1, 5-2 and 3-0 triumphs over Exodus and $100 Cars 2, Baresenal and Scheme.

The competition continues on Sunday  with a further eight preliminary matches at the New Silver City Secondary School.

Summary of scores from Tuesday evening:

Game 1: Coomacka United 3
Scorers:  Adrian Edmundson 3rd and 15th minutes and Keiron Daw 16th minute
Exodus 1 – Scorer: Dorwin Daw 17th minute

A mid-fielder on the ball sizes up his passing options during the second night of action in the Linden leg of the Guinness Greatest of the Street Competition.

Game 2: El Dorado 5
Scorers: I. Webster 6th and 10th minute, A. Lambert 8th minute, A. Johnson 17th minute and K. Coal 19th minute.
$100 Cars 2 – Scorers: James Lewis 13th minute and K. Dondrade 15th minute
Game 3: Wash Boys 1
Scorer: Clifford Halley 17th minute
Cherokee Park 0
Game 4: Rough and Rugged 5
Scorer: T. Wilson 6th minute, O. Mitchell 8th and 10th minute, D. Johnson 9th minute and A. Wills 13th
South Stars 1 – Scorer: M. Wilson 7th minute
Game 5: Retrieve Unknowns  3
Scorers: Darrel George 1st and 19th minute and Dwayne Mckinnon 13th minute
Barsenal  0
Game 6: Street Vybz   1
Scorer: Jasane Allicock  3rd minute
HI- Stars   1 – Scorer: Gordon Pollard 18th minute
Game 7: Hard Knocks   1
Scorer: Adswell Benjamin 15th minute
Trainline Warriors 1 – Scorer: Marley Major 18th minute

Game 8: ½  Mile/1 Mile 3
Scorers: S. Brewley 3rd and 17th minute and Charles Harvey 17th minute
Scheme 0

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