K&B Mining supports President’s/Jefford Track and Field Classic

K&B Mining and Hardware Supplies renewed its sponsorship of the upcoming third annual President’s/Jefford Track and Field Classic which will run off on May 20 at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) Ground, Linden.

The mining company, which has partnered with the President’s/Jefford Track and Field Classic since its inaugural event, recommenced its support for the third successive year last week  with its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hema Persaud stating that it was an honour to continue its funding of the competition.

“It’s been an honour supporting this event; we have watched it from the beginning and we are in full support of the vision of the organizers,” she said.

“This event is growing and we are proud to be a part of that growth. We are pleased to make this presentation,” Persaud added.

Athletics Association of Guyana President and one of the coordinators of the President’s/Jefford Track and Field Classic, Colin Boyce (right) receives the sponsorship cheque from CEO of K&B Mining, Hema Persaud at the company’s Regent Street store while other staff look on.

According to Persaud, the company’s investment in the event is an enduring one which will see them continuing with the support in future. She expressed confidence in the coordinators’ ability to maintain the high standards they have set at the event.

President of the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG), Colin Boyce, who is also one of the coordinators of the President’s/Jefford Track and Field Classic, said he was committed the AAG to ensuring that K&B Mining continues to get value for its unyielding contributions.

Boyce noted that it was companies like K&B Mining that have enabled the sustenance of what is arguably Guyana’s premier track and field competition. He thanked the CEO for sharing a vision that continues to manifest in the impressive growth of the event.

“Let me say that on behalf of myself and the other coordinator of this event, Mr. Edison Jefford, that we are extremely grateful for your unyielding support of our event. We will continue to have an impressive product that you can always be proud of,” Boyce assured.

He committed to raising the bar at the most financially rewarding track and field competition for clubs in Guyana.

He said that K&B Mining must be applauded for sharing a vision to have what can be called a signature event for athletics in Guyana.

“When you look around, you had every other major sport with a signature or an annual event that attracted lucrative cash prizes but none for athletics; we wanted to change that and that’s how we came up with the President’s/Jefford Track and Field Classic,” he explained.

The AAG boss mentioned that apart from doling out lucrative cash prizes to the clubs and athletes, he felt that the time had come to have a forum to decide who was the best of the best in Guyana in track and field.

He said those ideas coupled with the ideas Jefford had to establish a popular brand for the sport, gave birth to the President’s/Jefford Track and Field Classic.

“We must thank K&B Mining for supporting us over the years,” Boyce said.

President’s/Jefford Classic III will hand out over two million dollars in cash and prizes to clubs and athletes when it is hosted on May 20 at the MSC Ground. Full details will be released when the event is launched soon.

The 2012 event will feature Linden’s international track star, Marian Burnett competing against the best athletes from two Caribbean countries and Guyana. Last year, Aliann Pompey competed at the meet for the first time since becoming an international star.

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