By Mariatha Causway

Aka Jennifer Thomas




So let’s talk

About our exes

Their games, their lies;

About how

We refused to let them

Ruin our lives.

So let’s talk

About who

Stole our youth and

Confused our heads.

With their male

Chauvinistic ways

And ultra male egos.

Let us

Smile at our delights.

Beautiful all … in a row.

Different ways

Of entry and all

So deliciously delightful.

Let’s talk

Of hours of pain

Worth the wait

And marvel at our triumphs.

Three at university hurling

And four to go…

But in the end

We did it

Our way—smiling

On a matured bench…

Remembering our bodies

Still beautiful but morphing

Less agile and soon

Gone for good

Though not yet.

Let’s talk of our pride

Yet intact.

Our smiles, altered,

Our memories strong.

True friends…

True women…

To the end.

(In honour of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2012)

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