Why the women of Guyana are rising

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I have already given my own reasons as to why I am rising at the One Billion Rising – Guyana event next Thursday, February 14 from 4.30pm to 6.30pm at the Promenade Gardens. Women – and those who love them -in 199 countries will be rising on the same day in this call to action based on the staggering statistics that one in three women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at seven billion, this adds up to more than one billion women and girls.

Stella says...Here are the reasons why the women of Guyana are rising.

Iana Seales said, “I’m rising because women and girls are not safe in Guyana and across the world we are under attack. I want to help create a world that is safe for women and girls…That’s why I’m rising. And that’s why I’m dancing. Are you rising? Will you dance with us?”

Michelle Kalamandeen said, “I am rising because violence against women and children has become a commonplace practice in Guyanese society. I am rising for all the voices that have been silenced, and for the few who dared to shout for justice and respect. I am rising to end the culture that blames victims, and choose to empower them instead. I am rising because others rose before me, changing pain to power. I am rising because every woman, man and child should be celebrated. I rise because one billion begins with me.”

Sharon Browne said, “I am rising for those women who are afraid and ashamed to speak out.”

Bobby Walker said, “I’m rising because men aren’t told they should carry around weapons. Men aren’t told to take self-defence classes. Men aren’t told to only go out in groups or not to go out at a certain time of the night. Men aren’t told they should only have a few drinks. Men aren’t told they should only wear certain articles of clothing. Do you see where I’m going with this?”

Fazela Yasin said, “I am rising to create a Sisterhood that unites, supports and protects.”

Jessica Xavier said, “I’m rising because every day we open our newspapers, or look at the news on TV and locally and internationally women are constantly being oppressed in various ways. I’m rising because my generation and the generations after should know that our voices can be heard. Our voices are stronger than we believe. Our dreams, our hopes, our visions for the elimination of abuse against women and children can be a reality. We just need to stand for it. So I’m rising…for me, for my mother, my sisters and every single woman who has ever felt the hell of oppression.”

Shanti Bisnauth said, “I’m rising because we need equality and our rights should be given to us women. We need to be treated with respect and love not to be walked upon because we are women. We are powerful and we need to rise in support of this! ‘The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.’”

Glenda Obermuller, a Guyanese Sister living in Germany, said, “I will be rising at the Dom in Köln (Cologne) Feb 14. I will be rising for the many voiceless women, girls, children in Guyana, who live in constant fear of abuse; whether emotional, physical, verbal, sexual! I will be rising for the many victims who have died this year, even as the year has just started. I will be rising because I’m an example of domestic violence ends with me!”

Varshnie Singh said, “I am rising because I want my sisters, brothers and children to live in a world of love, peace, harmony and respect.”

Roshini Ramratan said, “I am rising because I am a woman. It’s my duty, my commitment and my honour to see my fellow women who have been tormented, ill-treated and murdered be given justice. I am [r]ising because I believe together we can make a difference, we can put an end to violence against women. It’s been going on too long…it’s time we stand up, let our voices be heard.”

Em Mitch said, “I’m rising because I have a son who will follow my example. I have been active in youth development for years and I will teach my son to treat women with respect. Many girls struggle to make it and he must be strong enough to lift them up like his mother lifted him.”

Susanna Persaud said, “I am rising for the many who are afraid to rise. I am rising because the time to take a collective stand is now. I rise for the many who wake up in fear for their lives every day. I rise because everyone deserves to live a life of peace and to be treated with respect. I rise simply because I am human.”

Lloyda Nicholas said, “I’m rising because there are so many women and girls like me who cannot rise, who are afraid to rise and who need me to take a stand for them I am rising because I am not a victim. I am a woman and my courage must triumph over the fear of so many. I am one in One Billion Women Rising Guyana!”

Janick Arjoon said, “I am rising because there must be more awareness in the hope that the so very much needed help for victims will be forthcoming including from – especially from – those is authority who can help, not only to take preventative measures if/when possible, but where necessary to provide justice!”

Oluatoyin Samantha Alleyne-Williams said, “One billion of our mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces and friends continue to be abused in the most brutal fashion and not enough is done to address this systemic issue, that is why I stand to rise on February 14. I rise with my sisters in Guyana and 190 other countries.”
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