Are you a sexist pig? There’s a cure for that

Stella Says

Do you think you are entitled to women and their time? Are you shocked if a woman wants you to leave her alone? Do you think it is weird if women focus on building healthy, female-centred relationships over relationships with men? Do you have a problem with women who do not embrace societal notions that being feminine relies on curtsying to men’s feelings of entitlement? Are you offended when women prioritise their agency, autonomy and fellow women over men?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, you are probably a sexist pig. If you think there is nothing wrong with street harassment, rape or violence against women, you are probably a sexist pig. If you think it is just fine that men make more than women who do the same job and that the work done by women in the home holds no value, you are probably a sexist pig.

Being a misogynistic oinker is a serious problem that was probably caught from someone else as it is a socially contracted disease. You could have caught it from a family member or even at school while growing up. You could have even caught it simply by hearing about how a former president treated his wife with disrespect and disregard.

Stella says...Unfortunately, this disease, called sexism by the experts, causes those who contract it to have an over-inflated sense of self, which causes symptoms such as delusions of grandeur, illusions of ownership of other human beings (of the female persuasion) and can even cause violence, if the subject’s false sense of entitlement is not pacified by a submissive woman.

The bad news is that this disease has so infiltrated the world on a global scale that it has caused immense harm to the psyche of both genders of the human race. This disease has wreaked unspeakable horrors on the females of this species at the very hands of the males of the same species – all the while convincing the males that the enslavement, torture and murder of their own females was not only justified, but also necessary as they systemically maimed and slaughtered the only ones who could reproduce their own species.

The result of this endemic disease has been globally catastrophic for the human race.

The good news is that in the past few decades, there have been significant strides made toward curing this horrid disease. Females are beginning to recognise just how sick a misogynist truly is and they are distancing themselves from those males to protect themselves and their offspring from the ill effects of the disease.

Likewise, there are healthy and sound-minded males who have been spared from this sickness and who are working to help cure others of their gender by impressing upon the sexist pigs that females are indeed humans as well and are therefore due the same rights as the males of their species.

Laws have been instituted in many countries to protect women from the diseased males. These laws against rape, violence and murder of females have helped to curb some outward manifestations of symptoms and to change social perceptions of the disease. However, there are still some countries where sexism is protected by law and other countries where enacted laws are not enforced, leaving females to be victimised by diseased males.

There are some males who have refused to believe their sexism to be an abnormality. They insist that their delusional notions of self-importance are justified and they use their spiritual writings to defend their brutish desire to “rule” over the females of their species.

These sexist pigs continue to insist that females are the property of males, should be subject to and enslaved by the males and should therefore be treated in the manner of any property – such as animals. The symptoms of entitlement and self-grandeur are strong delusions for these males.

For their own safety, females of the human race are warned to stay far away from males who are suffering from this extreme strain of sexism lest they too be drawn into the patriarchal delusions and end up as a victim of sexism. Millions of females have already suffered and died because of this disease.

In fact, even with the great strides made in the past few decades to combat sexism, statistics show that more females worldwide have been killed in the last fifty years, precisely because they were females, than the number of males who were killed in all the wars of the twentieth century.

There is a cure for this horrible disease of sexism. A healthy dose of gender equality along with a series of shots containing true morality usually has the sexist pig on the way to a full recovery.

Those who suffer from stronger delusions may need extended treatment. Some of these more severe cases may even refuse treatment, in which case they should be considered a menace to society.

Yes, sexism can be cured. It is a horrible disease that has forever marred human existence, but it can be cured. There is hope for the human race.

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