Fascinating orchids…Spathoglottis ‒ Ground orchids

Spathoglottis are terrestrial orchids commonly referred to as Ground orchids because they grow in soil.

Spathoglottis are native to South East Asia. Spathoglottis  plicata has pleated leaves on short rounded pseudobulbs and can easily be mistaken for small palm plants.  The flowers are purple to magenta with a fragrance like grapes. It grows approximately to about 15 inches in height, and blooms almost all year round, with several flowers opening at the same time. These hybrids have adapted well in the Caribbean and are a welcome addition to garden beds.

in the gardenSpathoglottis grows well in a mixture of compost, soil and well-rotted pen manure and can be grown in pots, half drums or tubs as well as garden beds.  It should be watered daily during the dry season. Fertilize with Miracle Gro Bloom Booster fortnightly or Osmocote  Slow Release Fertilizer.

This orchid comes in white, pink, purple, yellow and bi-coloured.

Until next week, happy gardening!

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