Are you planting a hedge and don’t know what to choose?

Most people when deciding to plant a hedge, do so for the simple reason of privacy, but if you want to add greenery and colour at the same time you can have both.

You can choose greenery if you want an all-green hedge or you can choose flowering plants if you need colour, or you can choose both and mix them as this would give it a more interesting effect. Here are some examples you can choose from:  Aralia, Ficus, Bread and cheese, Miniature bamboo, 20130908peggyBougainvillea, Gardenia, Ixora, Crotons, Jasmine, Roses and Firecracker, just to name a few.  You can even plant a Cherry tree hedge and yes, you can have cherries all year round, and a good source of vitamin C.  Whatever you choose, make sure it is something you like because you will have to look at it every day.

Select the area where you want to plant the hedge and prepare it for planting.   Measure out the distance between each plant. A yardstick might help. Turn up the earth, dig the holes and add some potting soil.

When selecting the plants, try to make sure they are all one size. After planting all the plants, water thoroughly.

Water at least once a day, until the plants settle in.  Fertilize with Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food once per week and when the plants reach the required height trim every four weeks.


NB:  Plant thieves are wreaking havoc on Brickdam; they have visited Gardenland Nursery and the new Parliament Gardens over the past few days.  Be on the alert.

Until next week, happy gardening!

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