Planting a green hedge

As mentioned last week, hedges are grown mostly for privacy.  A hedge can be described as a continuous line of plants with one height that needs little or no support. They can be divided into three categories:
Small hedges   –   under two-and-a-half feet
Medium hedges   –  two-and-a-half to five feet
Tall hedges  –  five feet and over

By now, you will have decided what you would like to plant.  If you are going all green then Aralias, Ficus, Thuja or Junipers are the way to go.  Select the area; measure out the distance between each plant; turn up the earth; dig the holes and add some potting soil.  After planting all the plants, water thoroughly.  Water at least once per day until the plants settle in.  Fertilize with Miracle Gro All Purpose once per week.  Trim plants to maintain height.

in the gardenYou can even become adventurous and plant a double hedge with a high and low effect along your fence.   How about that?  It looks amazing!
Until next week, happy gardening.

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