This week Stabroek News asked several vendors about their back to school bargains and what their sales have been like:

Photos and interviews by Rayon Harrinandan and Tifaine Rutherford

Photos and interviews by Rayon Harrinandan and Tifaine Rutherford
Photos and interviews by Rayon Harrinandan and Tifaine Rutherford

Nalo and Ricky/Y and N Variety Store, Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling Road:

`We sell mostly bags, so if you are buying bags depending on the price we will give you a discount. If the bag that you are buying is selling for three thousand and you are buying two we will give a discount. The sales so far for the reopening of school are very slow, and there is a lot of competition out there. We have been in business for 25 years, and business has been better, some people buy early while others buy late. However, we are hoping that next week will be a better week.’







20130826aliciaAlicia/Vedo’s Variety Store, Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling Road:

`Sales are now beginning to pick up for us, we sell mainly stationery. We offer wholesale prices on most school items, once you buy more than three items you will get them at wholesale prices. Sales are now picking up though, I hope next week it will pick up some more.’







20130826donnaDonna Thomas/Regent Street vendor:

`This new school year is different comparing to the other years, now most people are shopping in stores, they are buying wholesale. It is much cheaper to buy that way, last year was much better in terms of sales. It’s all about the money that is what really tell you how people will shop, if they have a lot of money they will shop more, right now money is scarce in the town.’







20130826roseannaRoseanna Smith/Regent Street vendor:

`This year is worse than last year, this year I did not see that big extravagant spending by parents. Most parents are single parents and they have gotten wiser and now shopping in the stores, buying wholesale. I sell ribbons, vests, children’s panties and socks. I don’t really give discounts, but if a customer is interested in buying an item and they ask for a discount I would normally flex and give it to them.’







20130826shellyShelly Roberts/Regent Street vendor:

`This year has been really rough for street vendors, the reason being, most shoppers are now shopping at the wholesale stores. The country is rough, not enough money in circulation. I hope next week will be better I know the situation so when people come to buy I would take off a couple of hundred dollars or so on certain items. Last year time like this business was really kicking I don’t know what is wrong this year.’







20130826deniseDenise Dey/Regent Street vendor:

`This is the worst year ever, it is getting worse as the years go by. Before, these pavements use to be filled with people buying, especially at this time of the year. Most parents now are buying wholesale or they are going to the Chinese stores and shop in as much as the Chinese things are inferior.  People don’t really get the amount of money they use to get, and this is causing them to spend more wisely. It is tough all over now you hardly see family receiving money from overseas. I normally sell small school items, book covering, pencil cases, erasers those sort of things.’







20130826darrelDarrel Pollard/arcade vendor:

`I think that last year shoppers spent more money, I think this is due to the Jamzone events, I sell school ribbons, children’s socks and vests. I think after this weekend when that is over then you will find more parents placing more emphasis on school shopping. Next week will be a better week, it is getting closer to the reopening of school I am sure there will be a spike in sales them.’







20130826leilaLeilawattie Dhanukhari/arcade vendor:

`Last year business was much better, it’s a little less than two weeks before school reopens and it is not what I expected it to be. I sell complete school uniforms, overalls for the girls, pants for the boys and shirts, for most of the schools. I also sell vests, socks and underwear for boys. I don’t normally give discounts but if you are buying more than one or two pieces I will be more than happy to give you a reduction in the price.’







20130826shawnShawn Baksh/Regent and King streets vendor:

`It is still slow up to now, but I guess the reason for that is most people shop for school at the last minute. It could be that some people have not yet been paid, the economy is not doing that well right now as well so that could be another reason. But next week is the last week before school reopens and hopefully sales will pick up then. I am selling stationery, I sell at a very competitive price and the thing about me you don’t have to wait in long lines.’







20130826audreyAudrey Daniels/Regent Street vendor:

`People now prefer to go to the wholesale stores and buy wholesale, it is much cheaper that way and we have a lot of single parents out there so you can’t really blame them. Depending on how many children you have, the discount works in your favour. I hope that next week will see a rise in sales for us, street vendors.’






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