Interview and photos by Rayon Harrinandan and Arian Browne

On Thursday,  Stabroek News asked vendors what items were in demand for today’s back to school and how sales were doing.
20130902roxanneRoxanne Campbell / Vendor

‘Sales have been going good so far for this year, thank God for that. Most people are buying book paper and book labels. I am getting a lot of sales, so I can say things are good for me.’









20130902stacyStacy Hope / Vendor

‘Sales are not what I am accustomed to at this time of the year, things are very slow. Parents are shopping for their children but most of them are shopping at the wholesale stores. I sell bags, socks and vests. I sold a lot of socks so I think socks are in demand.’









20130902tenishaTenisha Charles / Vendor

‘Sales have been going good for me so far. Most shoppers are buying haversacks and lunch bags. I have sold a lot of that for this school season. It is very competitive but I am getting by.  I think by (last) Saturday things will get better. The place will be busy with shoppers doing last minute shopping.’









20130902nikkiNikki McDougall /Vendor

‘Sales have been going good for me this season, a lot of book and pens are being sold. With only two more days of shopping before school re-opens I think it will get even better. Books and pens are what I have sold the most, however.’








20130902jewelJewel Holder /Vendor

‘Sales so far for me have been very good, the items most parents are shopping for are school uniforms. By now and Saturday I am sure sales will pick up, uniforms are the items in demand’.








20130902shivonneShivonne Roberts / Vendor

‘Most parents are shopping for school uniforms. Sales are not what they used to be a few years ago, it has declined but I am still surviving. Thank God, I think with two days remaining to shop the sales will increase. Most people like to do things at last minute.’







20130902amritaAmrita Singh / Vendor

`I have sold the most school boots this season, sales are picking up, it is close to the re-opening of school so in the next few days I am hoping that things will get even better. Black boots, a lot of black boots are being sold.’








20130902keithKeith Massiah / Vendor

`People are buying a lot of ribbons, socks and vests. There are a lot of vendors so the competition is stiff, a lot of people are looking for a nice price or a nice bargain. Things are not the same though, two or three years ago things were so much better I would have had the time to talk to you.’







20130902carlaCarla Nelson / Vendor

‘Shoppers are shopping socks, vests, and tights, ribbons as well are in high demand. This year sales can’t be compared to last year, last year things were much better. Most people shop on Saturdays so I am hoping come this Saturday there will be a spike in sales.’







20130902joylynJoylyn Benjamin /Vendor

‘It is not like last year, the Chinese are getting all the sales. Socks are selling at a fast rate though, last year was a much better year. Vendors are struggling to make ends meet and keep up with the Chinese. Saturday is the last shopping day before school re-opens, I hope on that day I get a couple of sales to keep me floating.’

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