Road fatalities at record low last year

There were 110 road deaths last year, which the Guyana Police Force says is the lowest figure recorded in 43 years.

In a press release yesterday, the force said that the previous lowest figure was recorded in 2008, when the figure was 113.
Pedestrians were the main road users affected, with 34 such persons losing their lives on the roads during last year. In addition, 18 pedal cyclists, 19 motor cyclists and 20 drivers also lost their lives in accidents.

The police also stated that the highest number of road deaths for last year occurred in “A” Division (Georgetown/East Bank Demerara) where 41 persons lost their lives in 38 fatal accidents.

The ‘black spots’ in relation to these accidents were mainly along Lamaha Street, Norton Street, D’Urban Street, Nelson Mandela Avenue, and between Houston and Eccles; and Supply and Soesdyke on the East Bank Demerara.

Speeding continued to be a major contributing factor to fatal accidents, causing 78 of the 102 fatal accidents during 2012, the release added. According to statistics, the other contributory elements are driving under the influence, distracted or inattentive drivers and the non-compliance with traffic signals.

Traffic enforcement by the police in 2012 resulted in a total of 69,653 cases being made against errant motorists, of which 14, 877 cases were for speeding. Last year also continued to see reductions in relation to the other categories of traffic accidents – serious, minor and damage.

In addition to its traffic education programme, which includes traffic lectures to schools last year, the force said enforcement operations by the Police Traffic Department was mostly focused on speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, defective vehicles, unlicensed drivers, inconsiderate driving, reckless and negligent driving, safety belts, cell phone use while operating vehicles, overloaded minibuses and minibus route transgressions.

It added that more attention will also be paid to outstanding traffic tickets, illegible number plates, parking violations and general moving violations which have the potential of developing into more serious problems.

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