Fraud charge over vehicle sale dismissed after settlement

A man was yesterday placed on a one-year bond to be on good behaviour after a charge against him of obtaining money by false pretence was dismissed.

Conrad Wright, 50, of Lot 13 Friendship, East Bank Demerara, was discharged by Magistrate Sueanna Lovell at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, after the complainant said he no longer wanted to proceed with the matter.

It had been alleged that between June 9, and June 17, 2012, Wright, with the intent to defraud, obtained from Indrum Beepat the sum of $1.4 million by pretending that he was in a position to sell him a motor lorry, GKK 7383, knowing the same to be false. Wright pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him.

Attorney Clyde Forde, who represented Wright, said the two parties had arrived at a settlement.
When given a chance speak, Beepat told the magistrate that he did not wish to continue with the matter. He explained to the court that the defendant had given him a motor car instead of the lorry and as a result he no longer wanted to testify against Wright.

The case was then dismissed and Magistrate Lovell placed Wright on a one-year bond to be on good behaviour.

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