Relatives of West Dem hit and run victim perturbed at cops’ silence

Silence from the Leonora Police Station about Bhagwan Boodhram who died in a hit-and-run accident has left the man’s daughters worried that they would never know who killed him.

They said they went to enquire about the investigation at the station and were told to stop jumping to conclusions and creating allegations that the police had found the driver and released him.

Boodhram, 43, was discovered in a ditch in front of a church near the Meten-Meer-Zorg Public Road on December 31, 2012. The autopsy report revealed that he had died from multiple injuries caused by an accident. The day that his body was discovered, police from the Leonora Station had arrested a man after reports were made by residents that the man’s minibus BJJ 4469 had been involved in an accident earlier that morning around the exact area Boodhram’s body was found.

Bhagwan Boodhram
Bhagwan Boodhram

However, the driver who claimed that he had hit a horse and not a man, was released the next day. Boodhram’s oldest daughter was told by the police that they released the man because he was not a suspect in the case. “The police tell me that the driver is saying that he has eyewitness. But I don’t think that is reason to release him. People see him that morning and they heard him say that he hit a horse. So where was the horse? How can he and two other man lift a dead horse and fling it in the road corner?” she asked.

She said she was told that the police still have to investigate if there were any other accidents on the road that day. “We wan know what going on ’cause the driver is an inspector brother. That’s why they lose he,” she claimed.

The day Boodhram’s body was discovered, residents in the area said they were awakened by a loud noise. One of the residents was said to have checked outside and had seen the driver of minibus BJJ 4469 exit the vehicle with two other men, pick up something and swing it into the trench. The driver had shouted that he had just hit a horse, the resident said, before getting back into the bus and driving away.

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