A man was electrocuted today after he forced his way past a police cordon and came into contact with a live wire, at Stabroek Market.

The man, described as a vagrant, has not been identified.

The Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) said the incident occurred around noon, after a truck accidentally came into contact with an overhead guy wire, which burst and fell onto the ground, with a part in contact with one of the 13.8KV feeders.

The contact resulted in the guy wire being energised, GPL said, noting that the wire fell on a few persons who were in the vicinity, causing injuries to at least one of them.

Although the police and fire service responded immediately and cordoned off the area in which the incident occurred to prevent persons from coming into contact with the live wire, GPL said the now dead man “inexplicably” forcefully breached the cordon and came into contact with the live wire, resulting in his electrocution.

GPL said it regretted the loss of life and injuries and the brief power interruption that resulted.

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