Prosecutor may wrap case today against murder accused father-and-son

The prosecution may wrap its case today against murder accused father and son, Arif and Latiff Mohammed.

Prosecutor Konyo Thompson, who is leading the state’s case in association with Dhanika Singh, told Justice Navindra Singh in the High Court that she is expecting three more witnesses to be present today, but if they fail to be present in court the state will close its case.

The Mohammeds are on trial for the murder of Jairam Balgobin, who they allegedly killed on March 4, 2008, at Success, East Coast Demerara.

Radesh Persaud and Nolan Burnett were the two witnesses that testified when the trial continued yesterday, following the five witnesses who gave evidence on Wednesday.

Both Persaud and Burnett were cross-examined by defence counsel Peter Hugh.
Burnett, a police inspector, told the court about his role as an investigator in the crime.

Under cross-examination by Hugh, he admitted that the only evidence he has to implicate the accused was based on the evidence of third parties.

He also admitted to the suggestion put to him by Hugh that at all times the accused men stated that they had nothing to do with Balgobin.

Police witness Paul Wintz had also admitted under cross-examination on Wednesday that the only evidence that linked the accused to the crime was what other people had said that the accused told them, and which was subsequently denied by the accused.

When asked by Hugh, Burnett also told the court that he had no forensic evidence to determine who inflicted the injuries on Balgobin.

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