Vagrant accused of $260,000 theft from Rahaman’s Park

Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry remanded a vagrant accused of stealing items valued $260,000 from a Rahaman’s Park residence when he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

The allegation against Carl Tudor is that on January 9, at 1 Rahaman’s Park he stole a number of items including, a garden hose, a cordless phone, a fire extinguisher and a number of other articles valued at $260,000 from Meer Rahaman.

Tudor, who appeared in court without counsel, pleaded not guilty to the charge of simple larceny when it was read to him.

Police Prosecutor Seon Blackman said on the day in question the victual complainant saw the accused on his premises via his surveillance camera. He asked that the defendant be denied bail based on the nature and prevalence of the offence and the punishment that it attracts.

When given a chance to speak, Tudor told the court that it is a “cook up” story and  that he was only guilty of stealing one of the items; a garden hose. He told the court that he is a drug user and had been convicted of several other offences but had since decided to change his life. However, the man said he saw the green hose and thought that he could make a “lil hustle.”

When the magistrate asked if he had any previous convictions, the accused told the court that he has been convicted three times for robbery and narcotics offences. He also said that he was released from prison in July after serving his most recent sentence on a narcotic charge.

In his efforts to convince the court that he had changed, Tudor said that since his last conviction he had stopped committing robberies because robbers are being killed.

After taking all the facts into consideration, the magistrate remanded Tudor. On hearing that, the accused further pleaded with the court, “Please don’t let this case come out of this court because you look like a fair person and I will get justice.”
Tudor was ordered to return to court on February 14.

Before leaving the court room he thanked the magistrate and wished her “a blessed evening.”

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