Barbecue host fined for assaulting, cursing music set owner

Jason Heyligar was yesterday fined for unlawfully assaulting a childhood friend, whose music set he hired for a barbecue that did not go as planned.

Heyligar, 32, who pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful assault and using indecent language, was fined $90,000 in total by Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.  He admitted that on January 13, at Hunter Street, Albouystown, he assaulted and cursed Dexter Hatton.

Heyligar told the court he hired Hatton’s music set to play at his barbecue, for which he paid him $2,000 in advance. He promised Hatton the rest of the money at the end of the night, but the event was poorly attended and he did not have the outstanding sum to pay him. As a result, he said he offered to give Hatton food as compensation until he could pay off his debt the following day.

Heyligar stated that Hatton walked into his yard and turned off the music set and began pointing his hand in his face. This prompted Heyligar to slap him. He said that he was shocked at Hatton’s behaviour since the two of them were childhood friends.

He also told the court he was annoyed at the entire incident and used a series of expletives.

Meanwhile, Hatton explained that after being told that the event was unsuccessful, he went to Heyligar’s home to dismantle his music set. He said that sometime after taking home some of the articles and returning for the remainder, Heyligar began an argument.

Hatton stated that he was on his motorcycle when the defendant started to cuff him, causing him to fall to the ground, sustaining a burst lip and swollen eyes.

Heyligar, who conducted himself in a very disorderly manner in the courtroom, was told by the magistrate that he has anger problems and she suggested he take anger management sessions.

The magistrate fined him $70,000 for the unlawful assault charge or an alternative of 18 months imprisonment and $20,000 or an alternative of 14 days imprisonment for using indecent language.

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