Police rescue Queenstown woman from abductor

This morning, police ranks responded to a report of an abduction in Queenstown, Essequibo and managed to rescue the victim and arrest the suspect.

A statement from the police said that the thirty-two-year-old woman of Queenstown was abducted at about 0600h today by a man with whom she had shared a common-law relationship onto December 2012, when he allegedly burnt down the house in which they lived and went into hiding.

Today the man, who was armed with a cutlass, went to the home where the victim now resides and forcibly took her away into the backdam area. The police say they responded promptly to the report and went into the backdam where they rescued the woman and arrested the suspect.

The woman had marks of violence about her body and has been admitted to the Suddie Hospital, while the suspect is in police custody.

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