Sister chopped in domestic violence attack recovering

– assailant to be charged

The two sisters who were chopped on Tuesday night at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice by a drunken man, are improving at the Georgetown Hospital where they are patients, and their attacker will be charged shortly with the crime.

Haymatie Kowchaie, 30, and her sister, Omwattie Persaud, 43, of Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara, were chopped about their bodies by Kowchaie’s common-law husband. Kowchaie sustained injuries to her head, hands and shoulder, while Persaud was chopped to her right foot, left shoulder and hand.
Both women are still complaining of pain, their relatives said yesterday. Their attacker, Ramesh Ramoo, was arrested and taken into police custody shortly after the attack and is expected to be charged tomorrow at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court.

The women were chopped by Ramoo who became annoyed over a pair of pants he had asked Kowchaie for. The woman had said that Ramoo picked up his cutlass that he uses to cut cane and walked to the back of the house and as Kowchaie followed him he started to chop her. As her sister intervened he began chopping her too.
Ramoo was in the habit of beating his wife and threatening to kill her but he never behaved as he did on Tuesday his wife had told Stabroek News.

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