Traffic diversions, noise nuisances expected as city sanitation programme moves ahead –GWI

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is advising the public that there will be minor traffic diversions and some amount of noise nuisance in several city streets as it has started upgrading works under the Georgetown Sanitation Improvement Programme (GSIP).

“Rehabilitation works at Pump Station Z at Sussex and Saffon streets and Pump Station V at [Princes] and Smyth streets have commenced. Installation works of delivery mains at Forshaw and Peter Rose streets to Light and Fifth streets have also started,” Senior Engineer Arshad Yacoub was quoted as saying in a company release.

According to the release, rehabilitation works, including the installation of delivery mains, will be conducted over three months in the following areas: Hadfield and Smyth Streets – Pump Station S; Fort and Barrack Streets – Pump Station B; Light and Forshaw Streets – Pump Station J; New Market and Camp Streets – Pump Station G; Quamina and Camp Streets to Quamina and Waterloo Streets; New Market and Main Streets to the New Market and Waterloo Junction and Princes Street and Louisa Row. “The programme will result in significantly minimizing sewage overflows and other problems associated with the sanitation system,” the company further said.

GWI also advises residents in the named locations that there will be minor traffic diversions, breaking of roads and noise associated with the use of heavy-duty equipment. As a result, the company is appealing to affected persons to exercise patience as it executes the programme.

According to the GWI, an agreement was signed between the Guyana Government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the sum of US$10,000,000 for the improvement of the operational performance of the Georgetown Sewerage System. The contract was signed on December 8, 2010 based on an agreement that the government and the IDB will cooperate in the execution of the programme.

Components of the programme will include the complete replacement of the 5.5km sewerage ring main in Georgetown; replacement of all delivery mains; purchase and installation of additional pumps for the 24 pumping stations to ensure adequate pressure, operational reliability and improvement to the electrical connections. It will also include an assessment and emergency rehabilitation of street sewers in selected areas and purchase of maintenance and operating equipment.

Implementation of the programme will also include strengthening GWI’s Wastewater Management and Energy Efficiency. This component will entail the development of an asset management implementation strategy; staff training programmes on wastewater operation, maintenance practices and energy use. The contract also covers public awareness campaigns that will target schools and business owners. This aspect of the programme is significant in the light of the continued abuse of the systems by persons who continue to dump solid waste into the drains, impeding its efficiency and resulting in overflows.

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