Bail for Charlestown man found with knife

Magistrate Judy Latchman granted a Charlestown man $10,000 bail after he yesterday appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon.

It is alleged that on March 16, at America Street and Avenue of the Republic, Alfred Benjamin, 29, of 8 Drysdale Street, Charlestown, had in his possession an offensive weapon that is to say a knife, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

Benjamin who was unrepresented by counsel pleaded guilty to the charge and offered the court an explanation.

Benjamin told the court that he works at a fishing place and he uses the knife to clean the fish. He said that that is the reason he had the knife in his possession. He then pleaded with the court to give him a chance as he had never before been charged.

On hearing his explanation, the magistrate entered a plea of not guilty for Benjamin.
Police Sergeant Vishnu Hunt did not object to bail.

Benjamin was subsequently granted bail and ordered to return to court on April 15.

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