Saints 59ers reunion set for Easter weekend

A group of St Stanislaus students who refer to themselves as the 59ers will be returning for a reunion in Guyana at the Easter weekend.
According to a press release on behalf of the group, the group comprises mostly émigrés to Canada and also includes some classmates from the USA. Many members of the group have not seen each other since they left school in their late teens, the release said, adding that some have not been back home to Georgetown in 48 years.

As a group, the release said that the 59ers are probably the most lettered class to have gone to St Stanislaus. The class of 60 has among its members Reynold Burrowes PhD, Mark McWatt PhD, Cyril Rodrigues PhD, Dale Morgan PhD, Ken Chanderban PhD, Keith Seaforth MD and others that are specialists in opaque fields, like Benard Friemann a principal at Friemann and Christie. The group is organised by Andrew Yansen of California, Aubrey Kellowan of Toronto, Canada and others.

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