Woman jailed for stealing from man who refused to pay for sex

A mother of two was yesterday sentenced to serve a 12-month jail sentence after she pleaded guilty to stealing a quantity of articles from a man she expected to pay her after intercourse.

Magistrate Sueanna Lovell handed down the sentence at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to Reena Williams, 24, of Wismar, Linden, who said that she was not a prostitute, although she admitted that she demanded money from the man after they had sex. Police Sergeant Alexis David-Hosannah said that Williams, on March 16 at Gordon Street, Kitty stole US$400, $80,000, a BlackBerry storm and a gold chain, all totaling $600,000 in value from Jeffrey Moore. Williams, who was represented by an attorney, told the court that Moore offered her US$10 to have sex him. She said that she refused to accept the money and told Moore that she was not a prostitute. But Williams also said that they later had intercourse at Moore’s house and when she asked about her money, he refused to pay her. She said that later on, when Moore went to sleep, she stole the articles mentioned in the charge.
Before the sentence was imposed, she asked the court for leniency, saying she had two children and she had to take care of them alone since she was a single-parent.

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