APNU MP collapses in National Assembly

APNU MP Richard Allen collapsed in the National Assembly yesterday afternoon and he was later admitted at the Georgetown Public Hospital where his condition is listed as stable.

Allen on Wednesday night had complained of feeling unwell and revealed he was experiencing a fever.
He collapsed during APNU MP Volda Lawrence’s contribution to the ongoing budget debate at around 1.50 pm yesterday, forcing the sitting to be temporarily suspended as some of his colleagues rushed to his side to revive him, while others looked on in shock.

Not one Member of Parliament (MP) remained seated when Allen, APNU’s Region One representative, slid to the ground of the Parliament Chamber, after he slumped over fellow APNU MP Christopher Jones.

MPs rushed to the rescue of Richard Allen
MPs rushed to the rescue of Richard Allen

Immediately after he collapsed and his colleagues scrambled to his side, Speaker Raphael Trotman suspended the sitting and he also rushed over to the fallen MP’s side.

APNU’s Dr George Norton was the first to reach Allen, while other APNU MPs quickly moved chairs from the immediate proximity to ensure there was enough room for him to be attended to.

APNU MPs also gave way to their colleagues in government who are medical doctors, including Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran, Minister of Sports Dr Frank Anthony, Minister of Public Service Dr Jennifer Westford and Dr Vindhya Persaud, all of whom rushed to Allen’s side.

As members of the media rushed to investigate what was happening, MPs from both sides of the House objected to photographs and videos being taken. Trotman eventually asked the media to leave the Chamber as the doctors worked on Allen.

About fifteen minutes after Allen’s collapse, an ambulance from the Georgetown Hospital arrived at the Public Buildings and the MP was placed on a stretcher and rolled down to the vehicle. His eyes were open while both of his hands were rolled into fists and placed on his chest. Minister Ramsaran and Dr Norton walked alongside the stretcher and the latter later left with Allen in the ambulance.

Allen had gotten up to exit the Chamber when he slumped and braced on Jones, before sliding to the floor. A still-shaken Jones later told reporters that he felt the weight on his shoulders and as he turned around, he was shocked to see Allen sliding onto the floor.
“I said, ‘Richard, you alright?’” Jones recalled.

Opposition Leader David Granger said Allen was lucid and responding and that the only complaint he had was that he was suffering from the flu. Granger said Allen took some over-the-counter drugs for the flu and was complaining about some numbness.

MP Richard Allen being taken by stretcher to the hospital
MP Richard Allen being taken by stretcher to the hospital

When the sitting finally resumed, Trotman thanked all the doctors who assisted in helping Allen, while noting that the unity shown between the two sides to help a colleague is how they should operate.

“I have to remark openly that this is the way we should be living,” the Speaker said to desk thumping from both sides of the House.
He also said that he and Clerk Sherlock Issacs will continue to look at ways to ensure that the facilities in the House cater for every eventuality.

Granger also thanked the doctors from the government side for assisting Allen.

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