Barber shop shooting victim in ICU

Kimtia Gobin, the barber who was shot in his leg when gunmen opened fire in the barber shop he was working in on Wednesday, was discharged from the Georgetown Hospital yesterday while the ex-policeman, Nandram Persaud, is in a stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit  (ICU) of the institution.

Gobin, who sustained a gunshot wound to his right thigh, is now at home recovering from his injuries. He told this newspaper yesterday that he is still waiting on the police to take a statement from him about the incident.

Gobin told this newspaper that he got shot after the men walked into the shop and started to shoot at Persaud whose hair he was cutting. He said he heard about seven or eight shots fired, most of which hit Persaud, and that three persons were in the shop at the time. He also said that the gunmen came into the shop about twenty minutes after Persaud entered the building.  After shooting them the men escaped on a motorcycle.

Police sources said that from all indications Persaud was the target in the shooting.

Commissioner of Police (ag), Leroy Brumell, told Stabroek News that investigators are still trying to ascertain the motive for the shooting but he confirmed that one of the shot men is an ex-policeman. When asked if anything is known about him, the commissioner responded “we got something on him,” while assuring that the police are tackling all possible angles of the crime.
Persaud’s relatives were still tight-lipped on the shooting yesterday.

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