Budget documents on Finance Ministry website

Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh has announced that the full set of documentation on the 2013 Budget is available on the Ministry of Finance’s website at www.finance.gov.gy, to supplement the hard copies that have been made available in the Parliamentary Library collection and through the media desk in Parliament.’

According to a release from the Ministry of Finance, the minister stated, “The Ministry of Finance website at www.finance.gov.gy makes an abundance of information available to the universal public, including budget speeches and estimates for several recent years, important government policy documents, listings of papers and reports tabled in Parliament by the Minister of Finance, among others.”

“These include the budget speech for 2013 along with all three volumes of the budget estimates.  By tabling these documents in the National Assembly, they are placed in the public domain.  By placing them on the internet, government is ensuring easy universal access,” the minister continued.

The budget documents are also deposited in the collections of the National Library and the University of Guyana Library.
The release said that the government has used the internet as a means of disseminating information on government activities and on ensuring public access to information.  A number of government agencies have websites on which documentation relevant to the sector concerned is made available.

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