Business coalition on HIV/AIDS opens nominations for annual awards

The Guyana Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GBCHA) has announced that nominations for the seventh annual awards for Business Excellence are open to all private sector businesses in Guyana (including non-members of GBCHA) which are taking action on HIV and AIDS in the workplace and beyond.

A release from the organisation said that applications should be submitted for programmes and initiatives which were undertaken in the past year. Also, nominations may be made on behalf of a company by another company, NGO or other agency.

The annual awards for Business Excellence is a signature event for the GBCHA, as it is an opportunity to publicly recognise the vital contributions made by the private sector towards HIV and AIDS prevention and reduction programmes in Guyana.

The release said that awards for Business Excellence will be given in the following six categories: Workplace Programme: This award highlights innovation in the development and implementation of HIV workplace programmes, with particular emphasis on continuity and sustainability.  Applicants are free to describe general health and wellness programmes if HIV is included in broader programmes;

Outstanding Peer Educator: This award recognises a peer educator who has gone beyond expectations to provide quality service to their colleagues in the workplace and/or community. The recipient would have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in programme activities as well as innovation in the implementation of these programmes in the workplace and/or community;

Core Competency: This award highlights an organisation that has utilised its core business products and services, skills or networks to address HIV/AIDS in the workplace and community;

Community Investment: This award honours an organisation committed to going beyond the workplace to take action on HIV and AIDS in the community, whether through company initiatives expanding to the community or philanthropic endeavors;

Advocacy/ Individual Leadership: This award honours a business leader who has made a significant contribution to the National HIV/AIDS response, by consistently advocating on behalf of the business sector, the community, and/or those living with or affected by HIV and AIDS; and

Media Action: This award honours a journalist who has contributed to raising the awareness of HIV/AIDS through features in the print or electronic media.

Award entry forms are available on the GBCHA website: or at the secretariat located at Lot 108 Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown.

To submit applications or to request further information,  email or call 225-0972.

The deadline for submitting entries is 16:00hrs on May 3, 2013.

The release said that launched in May 2008, GBCHA is an alliance of private sector companies dedicated to combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  The GBCHA member companies work towards reducing the spread and impact of HIV and the associated stigma and discrimination, in the workplace and community.

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