Multiple fatalities from Buck Hall accident

A horrific accident at Buck Hall, Region Two, early this morning has left multiple fatalities and at least seven injured.

While details of the accident are sketchy Stabroek News understands that the truck at the time was transporting workers for a well-known miner known as ‘Mappa’ who was also on board and is among the injured.

According to reports the truck developed some difficulties as it was negotiating a hill at an area known as 122 in Buck Hall and turned over. This happened just after midnight this morning, reports confirmed.

Reports indicated that among the dead are two men from Essequibo and a woman who were going into the interior for the first time,

The injured were brought out later this morning and were rushed for medical treatment by an ambulance.

“They have bodies but the bodies have not been brought out and I have just been told that they are using an excavator to  turn over the truck to see if more persons might be underneath because no one really know how many were on the truck,” a woman working in the area told this newspaper.

She said she is “very much concerned” about the accident as she knows the miner and many of the persons who were on board since she operates a boat service at the landing.


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