Baby burnt in Sophia fire succumbs

One year old Jabarri Stanford on Monday succumbed to his third degree burns at the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Hospital.  The child was badly burnt in a fire which destroyed his ‘D’ field Sophia home on Saturday.

Rehanna Jones, Stanford’s mother related that about 6:00 am on Monday, she was contacted by hospital officials and requested to go to the hospital. “When I made a visit to the hospital the nurse told me that Jabarri died,” Jones said.

“I stayed as I watch them take him to the mortuary,” Jones lamented.

Jones said that it is now even harder for her to cope with the loss of her home with the death of her son.   She was unable to save anything from the house.

“I don’t know where to begin from, since the fire I have been staying wherever the night catches me,” Jones noted.

She added that her three other children have since been staying with her father as this is the only assistance he could offer her.

Jones said that since the fire, her older children were not able to return to school for the new school term as all their books, school uniforms and shoes have been destroyed.

“All I need right now is help for my children, not really for me but for them so that they can return to school and have a place to live in again with beds to lay on,” Jones pleaded.

Jones advised other young mothers, “Do not fall into what I fell into.  What happened to me, I would not like to know this happened to anybody else; I left my house to go to the shop just to buy something and when I returned my whole house was up in flames.”

This newspaper was told that after hearing screams, neighbours saw smoke emanating from the structure but by then the mattress that Jabarri was lying on had been engulfed in flames.

Several young men used buckets of water to quell the fire after which the badly injured child was picked up and rushed to the hospital.

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