Mystery fire razes two houses at Montrose; 20 homeless

A fire of unknown origin yesterday ripped through two buildings at Montrose, East Coast Demerara leaving over 20 people, including 14 children, homeless and millions of dollars in losses.

David Deonarine, who was in the vicinity when the fire occurred, said that about 1.45 pm, he saw smoke emitting from the top flat of the front house at Lot 35 Montrose.

What remained after the fire
What remained after the fire

“I and some other boys been at the shop not far from the house and all we see was a set of smoke with the fire done catching the roof. Couple minutes after we try bucket brigade but the fire was too much,” Deonarine said

Sandra Ramotola, one of the occupants, said she was in the back house watching television.

“I been watching the thing pon TV and all I hear is my mom calling for me shouting fire! fire!

She is a handicap lady so she couldn’t help herself out the house so me and my sister went and took her out,” Ramotola said.

Ramotola’s mother was in the top flat of the front house where the fire started.

The shaken woman added that by the time she had evacuated some of the children from the house, the entire front house was already up in flames.

Ramotola said that it took no time (30 minutes estimated) for the two houses to be destroyed.

“Everything we lose, all me money, my sister jewels, my jewels, my brother jewels too and his money everything gone we couldn’t even get to save a pin. Wuh we got on here suh is what we left with,” Ramotola cried.

The woman said they had recently taken a fridge and other appliances from Courts and have not finished paying for them.

Baby Pargo, Ramotola’s sister-in-law, said she was in the bottom flat of the front house when the fire occurred. The woman opined that the back house could have been saved if the fire service had arrived promptly.

“I been downstairs in my room when I heard my mother-in-law shouting ‘Oh Lord! Alyuh come quick! Fire! The mattress start ketch’ when we run out all I see is the house done ketch,” Pargo said.

The woman added she and her family were also unable to save anything from the house. “All we could have done is save we self, nothing else; everything gone,” Pargo cried.

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