Mother held over killing 8-month-old son with nail file

A mother is in police custody at Enachu, in Region Seven, awaiting transfer to the city, where she will face a capital charge after she allegedly confessed to killing her eight-month-old son with a nail file.

It is still unclear when the act was carried out but according to sources, the mother slept with the child, identified as Antonio Laldas, from the time he was killed up to when the decomposing body was found on Thursday.

According to a police source, the mother seems to be suffering from a psychological disorder, but charges will still be laid because a capital offence has been committed.
Police said that acting on information, they went to the house the woman occupies at Enachu, where they found the decomposing body of the infant.

The woman allegedly informed them that she had killed the baby with a nail file.

Questioned as to why she had killed the child, the woman allegedly said that she did not believe he would have lived.

Police said that because of the state of the body, they were advised by a pathologist to bury it and at the appropriate time it may be exhumed for an autopsy.

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