Teen jailed after confessing to stealing church’s money

A young member of the Grove Seventh Day Adventist Church was yesterday sentenced to a two-year prison sentence for stealing over $500,000 from the church.

Andrew McCurchin, 18 of Grove Housing Scheme, admitted to the theft when he appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Providence Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

It was alleged that between October 9 and October 12, 2012, McCurchin broke and entered a divine place of worship at the Grove Seventh day Adventist Church and stole therein $550,000.

Prosecutor Shellon Daniels said that McCurchin was a member of the church but after he committed the theft he stopped going to the place of worship. Daniels added that after a while, the young man confided in an aunt, who encouraged him to turn himself over to the police and confess what he did.

She noted that on April 8, McCurchin was accompanied by his aunt to the Grove Police Station, where he admitted to stealing the money.

When asked by Magistrate McGusty why he committed the theft, McCurchin remained silent in the prisoners’ dock. When asked what he did with the money, he explained that he bought clothes and shoes, amoung other things.

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