Passenger shoots bus driver in face over fare

A bus driver was shot in his face by a passenger in the wee hours of yesterday morning in the vicinity of National Avenue, South Ruimveldt, after he and the passenger were involved in an argument over the fare.

The incident occurred after 12 am yesterday morning when bus driver Desmond Marcus was heading home after work. He was shot in his face near his temple by the male passenger and then drove to the Georgetown Hospital where he was treated and sent away.

According to a release from the hospital, the bullet was not removed but his condition is not life threatening. He was advised to return tomorrow, April 15 to have the bullet removed, the statement said.
Fifty-nine-year-old Marcus of North Ruimveldt told this newspaper that he was on his way hom

e from work when he decided to pick up a load of passengers. He said that he picked up his attacker and another man, who appeared to be his friend, on his way.

The man said that the friend got off at an earlier stop and did not pay the bus fare. Instead, he indicated to him that the accused would pay for him. Marcus said that he asked the accused whether he would pay for his friend and he told him yes.

He added that when the accused turn came to get off the bus he only paid his own fare and not that of his friend who got off earlier. Because of this, Marcus said he asked him how he could do such a thing and told him that he was being unreasonable. The man replied that he was only paying for himself. An argument then ensued between the two of them and the passenger then placed his hands on his waist.
As Marcus turned away the man pulled out a firearm and shot him in his face before escaping.  Marcus said that he managed to drive the bus, which still had about three passengers, to the police outpost nearby and then to the hospital.

The police are currently investigating the matter.

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