Two held after poultry vendor robbed at Williamsburg home

A robbery suspect and his girlfriend are currently assisting lawmen with investigations pertaining to a robbery on the Corentyne.

Three bandits yesterday afternoon rudely barged into a Williamsburg home and robbed Seema Nauth, 28, of 165 Williamsburg Settlement, Corentyne, Berbice and a poultry vendor of Rose Hall Town market.

The armed masked bandits robbed Nauth of a pair of bangles worth $100,000 and made off with $498,000.
Nauth was too traumatised to speak, but her husband Ayodele Hendrax, 32, said was at work when the incident occurred. However, he said, his wife had just returned from the market and was relaxing with their daughters.

Nauth was about to go and take her afternoon rest, he said, when she was greeted by the three armed men who told her to “keep going”. The men entered the house by quietly walking up the stairs having jumped over the back fence, Hendrax explained.

He added that two of the bandits escorted his wife and two kids to the room and one of them placed a gun to Nauth’s head, while the other pointed another gun at his daughters and told them to “shut their eyes and bend their heads down”.

He recounted that his wife said the men then began to hunt the room and demand currency. “They tumble up the room and in the wardrobe they found the money in a blue bag,” he recounted. The man also used pliers to clip the pair of bangles from his wife’s hand.

Hendrax also indicated that while the two men were inside the room, the third was outside dismantling the phone line and cellular phones. They then tied his wife to bed, using a phone charger to strap her down and a vest to tie her mouth.
The men then made their escape.

Hendrax told this publication that his brave two-year-old daughter then went and called her aunt, who came and rendered assistance. He noted that the police were summoned by his brother-in-law.

Later, as they were going out on the street, he said, his wife identified one of the alleged robbers by the clothing he had on. The man was arrested and is in police custody.

Hendrax explained that the man, who is a stranger to the neighbourhood acted in a suspicious manner when he saw Nauth. He added too that the alleged robber’s girlfriend was held after she went and alerted Hendrax’s sister about the robbery and then tried to swear her to secrecy.

Hendrax questioned how she could have known about it when they had not yet told anyone in the area.
He said this was the second time they were robbed. The first encounter was about three years back while he was working in Essequibo.

He said the money that was stolen in yesterday’s incident was to be used in his wife’s business.
Police investigations are continuing.

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