Paediatric ‘keyhole’ surgeries now available at Georgetown Hospital

The Georgetown Public Hospital is now offering Laparoscopic or Minimal Evasive Surgery to children of the institution as an alternative to laparotomy or Large Incision Surgeries.

In a press release yesterday the hospital’s Public Relations Officer, stated that two successful surgeries were already performed this week using the modern surgical technique. A 12-year-old and an 11-year-old had their gall bladders removed by Dr Marisa Seepersaud who was trained in paediatric surgical interventions at the University of West Indies in Jamaica. Her laparoscopic experience was garnered from her attachments at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada as well as the Royal Manchester Hospital for Children in the United Kingdom, the release stated.

She was assisted by local doctors John Mitchell and Ravi Motilall. Anaesthetic and nursing staff headed by Dr Vivienne Mitchell-Amata and Sister Gill respectively made up the team, the release said.

According the release, “keyhole surgery” as it is also referred to has many advantages for the patient including smaller incisions, less blood loss, less post-operative pain, earlier oral intake and faster discharge among other benefits.

The surgery itself involves the insertion of a telescopic camera for visualization, and instruments for the performance of therapeutic procedures and is currently popularised globally.

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