APNU condemns attack on police

– third suspect being sought

While singling out the killing of a narcotics investigator in Berbice and two constables who were murdered in the hinterland, APNU said in a press release, “these regular attacks on policemen have the potential to undermine the institution of law and order the morale of its members.”

The release said the party is deeply concerned with the repeated instances of death of policemen in the performance of their duties.

“APNU is once again renewing its call for the government to… provide the organisation with the training and resources it badly needs to execute its mandate,” it added.

The party said the government is in possession of several recommendations to guide “its efforts at improving the law enforcement but for some inexplicable reason, seems unable or unwilling to so what is necessary to establish a police service that is capable of defending itself; maintaining public safety, order and security; as well as ensuring observance of the Laws of Guyana.”

APNU said it noted with interest the government’s embrace of the Citizen Security Project and expects that the preferred approach develops members of the force in the relevant areas of law enforcement that is pertinent to the threats confronting the country as a whole and the police in particular.

Meanwhile, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud told Stabroek News yesterday that there have been no new developments in the case. Two suspects have been detained and based on information received investigators are looking for a third.

Corporal Romain Cleto was shot dead while constables Randy Daly and Anil Rajpersaud were injured with gunmen opened fire on them on the Avenue of the Republic in the vicinity of Regent Street last Saturday night.

The police had reportedly spotted a suspicious white car on Avenue of the Republic in the vicinity of Robb Street. At the time the car which reportedly had a tampered number plate was proceeding in a southerly direction. What might have also caused suspicion was that one of the occupants was wearing a handkerchief around his nose.

The driver was signalled to stop but instead proceded to Croal Street before driving onto the western carriageway of the Avenue of the Republic.

The car was forced to stop as the traffic light at the Regent Street junction turned red and the policemen exited their vehicle and proceeded to the car.

As they approached, at least one gunman exited and opened fire. The crime chief had said that based on the spent shells recovered, a rifle and a pistol were used in the attack.

A state installed CCTV camera which was mounted on the Bank of Baroda building failed to pick up the shooting. According to Persaud the footage only showed people running. Police arrested one suspect who is known to them and shortly after another man turned himself into the police in the company of a lawyer.

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