Water rehab programme creating jobs for Lindeners – GWI

Over 30 persons have been employed in Linden, including a number of skilled workers from the area, as the US$12.3M Government of Guyana/Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Linden Water Supply Rehabilitation Programme (LWSRP) progresses.

In a press release, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) said S Jagmohan Hardware and Construction Supplies, one of the contractors executing pipe-laying exercises for the programme, has employed 24 Lindeners in various capacities including technicians and labourers. Consultant EGIS EAU has also employed seven technicians/engineers, three of whom are Lindeners.

Meanwhile, GWI Chief Executive Officer Shaik Baksh said the company is “pleased that beyond the massive water service enhancements that the programme will provide, it is also providing employment for a significant amount of Lindeners.”

“GWI is proud to execute a programme which is enhancing the lives of a large portion of our customers in Linden in both service delivery and employment,” he said.

Baksh also anticipates that more Lindeners will be employed as the third contractor, UEM Inc, starts construction of two treatment facilities at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc. “…Our aim is to further enhance our partnership with our customers in Linden by involving them in key aspects of the programme,” he said.

According to the statement, S Jagmohan Hardware and Construction Supplies is currently executing pipeline installation in Amelia’s Ward, Wisroc and other key project areas.

Lindeners will notice road excavation, the use of large equipment and tools as well as minor traffic diversions. In addition, UEM Inc has started initial preparatory work for the construction of new treatment facilities at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc.

Baksh said an intense public education campaign has started to adequately prepare Lindeners for the water conservation drive which will be required when the LWSRP is completed. “Without the full cooperation of all our Linden customers, these new water service enhancements will not produce the results which are anticipated,” he said, adding that “we need every Linden customer to adopt an attitude of conservation regarding their water use.”

In keeping with this, GWI’s Public Relations Department recently conducted a workshop with students of Amelia’s Ward Primary, Christianburg Primary and Regma Primary.

A 60-minute television documentary  which will provide details of the LWSRP for Linden customers will be aired on all stations available in Linden mid-month as well as on the company’s official YouTube channel and Facebook fan page.

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