Scotiabank announces winners in ‘Build a Home’ promotion

Scotiabank has announced four winners in the first draw of its ‘Build a Home’ promotion in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Flora Cumberbatch, Maxine Fredericks, Candy Blackman and Paul McArthur were announced as the lucky customers when the bank held the first drawing at its Parika Branch on Sunday.

The winners banked at the Carmichael Street and Robb Street branches, Scotiabank said in a press release. The prizes won were a $100,000 loan instalment; a $75,000 gift certificate at Steve’s Jewellery; a $25,000 gift certificate for John Lewis Styles and a $15,000 gift certificate at the Healing Waters Spa.

Scotiabank says the “innovative and exciting” campaign seeks to involve customers, employees, stakeholders and the public in one of its major Bright Future philanthropic initiatives. Under the ‘Build a Home’ promotion, Scotiabank will donate to Habitat forHumanity Guyana Inc a percentage of the value of Scotia Plan loans, auto loans and mortgages applied for and disbursed between March 1 and October 31, 2013. The donations will go towards building a home for Amanda Anthony, a widowed mother of two who has a disability and is in urgent need of a home.

Customers will also get a chance to win gift certificates for loan instalments, jewellery, hardware, spa treatments, groceries, electronics and clothing by entering into quarterly draws. At the time of disbursing the loan proceeds, customers will receive entry coupons commensurate with the amount of the disbursement.

At May month-end, over $550,000 had been raised comprising Scotiabank and private donations. The bank noted that its employees will also be integrally involved in the initiative by volunteering to help build the home.

Scotiabank is also inviting the public to donate towards the building of the home for Anthony directly at Habitat for Humanity. If the target is reached before the promotion ends, Habitat will identify another beneficiary and the remaining funds will go towards that family.

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