Residents affected by Seeta’s Bar, White Castle Fish Shop to get relief

– Ministry

The Ministry of Home Affairs yesterday said that residents who have been affected by noise coming from Seeta’s Bar on Station Street and the White Castle Fish Shop on Hadfield Street will get relief shortly.

A release from the ministry said that specific instructions have been given to the Commissioner of Police and the Chief Fire Officer.

“The Ministry denounces, in the strongest terms, the great discomfort and inconvenience experienced by residents as a result of the loud, continuous and repetitive playing of music at these locations, as well as the accompanying disorderly behaviour of patrons, and the indiscriminate parking of vehicles.

“Residents are assured that both the Commissioner of Police (ag.) and the Chief Fire Officer were approached and have been given specific instructions in regard to the handling of this matter, in the interest of law and order. It is anticipated that residents will experience some relief, shortly”, the ministry said.

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