Labourer gets one year for cocaine pipe

A labourer, who admitted having a utensil used for smoking cocaine, was yesterday sentenced to one year imprisonment.

Lester Singh, 54, of 875 Wismar Housing Scheme, Linden was also ordered to pay a fine of $3,000 by Magistrate Sueanna Lovell

Singh told the court that the police did indeed find him with the prohibited smoking implement on June 11.

He, however, denied the other charge against him, which alleges that on the same day he had 5.5 grammes of cocaine in his possession for the purpose of trafficking.

According to Singh, he had no cocaine in his possession and knows nothing of such. He said that the arresting rank apparently found the illegal substance on the ground, but tried to pin the offence on him because he was found with the smoking implement.

He alleged that the police dealt him a beating to accept that the cocaine was his but stressed that he maintained at all times that he knew nothing about it.

After hearing the case, the magistrate informed the father of four that he would be sentenced to one year imprisonment for the unlawful smoking implement charge. Meanwhile, his other case continues on June 17, when he will make his next appearance in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

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