Mine workers remain in custody over Brazilian woman’s stabbing death

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud said yesterday that all of the workers of the mining camp where Brazilian Maria Jose Assis Bazerra was found stabbed to death are still in police custody as investigators try to determine what occurred.  Police had said in a release that 11 men had been held in connection with the murder investigation. Based on what Persaud told this newspaper yesterday they all remain in police custody. He said the woman’s husband is among the detainees.

According to Persaud, based on the information, it was the general manager of the camp who had gone to lunch and subsequently stumbled upon the woman’s body in the camp. This newspaper had been told that she was found in bushes near the camp but the Crime Chief clarified that this information was not accurate.  He said that police were still looking for the motive adding that nothing was missing from the camp.

Reports are that the woman’s husband had left her and some workers in the mining camp at Tiger Creek Backdam, Mahdia on Tuesday to travel to the Potaro area to search for more workers.

The 47-year-old woman was later discovered bloodied and with her wrists tied. Police later revealed that she had suspected stab wounds to the head.

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