Brazilian woman died of head trauma – autopsy

Brazilian national Maria Jose Assis Bazerra, 47, whose bloodied body was found at a mining camp at Tiger Creek Backdam, Mahdia, died as a result of to blunt trauma to the head, a fractured skull and brain hemorrhaging.

This is according to the findings of a post-mortem examination done by government pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, the police force said yesterday.

Meanwhile, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud told Stabroek News that the police will be seeking the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in relation to the 11 men who were arrested in connection with the murder. He could not say if the suspects had been released yesterday.

Reports are that the woman’s husband had left her and some workers in the mining camp at Tiger Creek Backdam, Mahdia on Tuesday to travel to the Potaro area to search for more workers. The woman was later discovered bloodied and with her wrists tied. Police later revealed that she had suspected stab wounds to the head.

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