Decomposing body of soldier found in Lamaha Springs home

The decomposing remains of a Guyana Defence Force corporal was early yesterday morning found in his home at Lamaha Springs, two days after he was not heard from or seen; foul play has not been ruled out.

Dead is 38-year-old Akini Sampson called `Sammo’ of Rewa Street in what is popularly referred to as the Joint Services Scheme. Relatives are anxiously awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination which is scheduled for Monday.

When Stabroek News arrived on the scene, police were carrying out investigations and a rank was later seen taking away a knife which was in an evidence bag.

Akini Sampson
Akini Sampson

An emotional Kim Williams-King told Stabroek News that she spoke with her brother-in-law late Wednesday afternoon. She said subsequent efforts to contact him were futile and this was unusual.

She added that it was Sampson’s stepson who found his decomposing remains. She recalled that around 00:58 hrs, the young man who lived with Sampson called her and said “Auntie, come quick!”. When she and other relatives arrived at the home in the company of the police they found Sampson’s decomposing body face down on his bed. There was a pillow over his head.

She opined that he might have died sometime on Wednesday night.

Information is that the man had a visitor sometime around 9 pm on Wednesday. However, when his stepson arrived home, the door was locked and the house was in darkness.

Contact could not be made with the father of one and the young man had to resort to sleeping in his car. When he returned to the house on Thursday night he met with the same situation; the house was still in darkness and the door was locked. The house is a two-storey structure but the bottom flat is unfinished. Sampson and his stepson occupied the upper flat.

Becoming worried, the young man decided to climb onto the veranda and gained entry by breaking down the door.

Once inside he made the gruesome discovery. This newspaper was told that the state the body was found in was of some worry to relatives as well as the fact that his telephone line was plugged out of the socket which was unusual.

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