IDB board to consider Amaila hydro project in October

The long-planned Amaila Falls Hydropower Project will face a critical moment when the project is submitted to the board of the Inter-American Development Bank in October 2013.

This date was provided by IDB Representative here, Sophie Makonnen during a meeting which had been requested by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

A release from APNU yesterday said that at the meeting Makonnen explained the procedures which are being used by the IDB in preparation for the eventual submission of the project to the IDB Board sometime in October 2013. The documents setting out the IDB procedures will soon be made available to APNU. Currently, APNU said that the IDB is conducting a detailed Due Diligence of the project which should be completed by August 2013.

“A number of critical related studies are being undertaken, including a comprehensive Environmental Impact Study and an Economic Feasibility Study, along with a detailed evaluation of GPL to determine its capabilities and capacity to manage the power from the Amaila Hydro project. Specialist assistance will have to be made available to overcome any discernible deficiencies in GPL”, APNU said.

According to APNU, the Leader of the Opposition, David Granger explained the reason why the meeting was requested and pointed out that the Opposition needs to be kept apprised of developments, “particularly in view of the importance and likely impact of the Amaila project on the Guyana economy. In that context, the Opposition has asked for copies of the key documents to enable the conduct of its own.”

Granger was accompanied by the Shadow Ministers for Public Infrastructure and Communications, Joseph Harmon, MP; Local Government and Regional Development, Ronald Bulkan, MP; Foreign Affairs and Deputy Speaker, Deborah Backer, MP; Finance and Economic Development, Carl Greenidge, MP; and Policy Adviser, E. Lance Carberry.


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