Ministry dismayed at claim of beating of St Ignatius woman by policeman

The Ministry of Home Affairs says it has noted media reports about the “savage beating” of Roxanne Farias, of St Ignatius, Region 9, allegedly by a policeman, stationed in the area.

The Ministry in a statement today said that it is dismayed by this very serious allegation, which implicates a serving member of the Guyana Police Force.  It said that in the absence of an official report, it wished to assure citizens that such conduct by serving members of the Guyana Police Force “will not be condoned, and further that there is no place in the Guyana Police Force for ‘rogue cops’”.

It said that “The aim of the Ministry of Home Affairs at this time, notwithstanding the intransigent posture adopted by the political opposition, is to have in place a Police Service comprised of Officers who discharge their responsibilities to the citizens of Guyana with the highest level of professionalism.”

In recent months the ministry has issued releases condemning the action of the police in some cases and raising concerns about slothful investigations. This practice has coincided with sweeping reforms announced at the end of last year.


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