BV man on trial over uncle’s murder

A nephew accused of killing his uncle at the family home in Canterbury Walk, Betervwagting (BV) is currently facing trial before Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed jury in the High Court.

The trial of murder accused Fernando Cush began yesterday. Cush is accused of stabbing his uncle, Andrew Benjamin also known as ‘Mongoose’, of Buxton on March 24, 2009 after an argument. Prosecutor Tishana Lake is presenting the state’s case while Peter Hugh is representing the defence. The case continues today.

According to reports, Benjamin had finished cutting cane at the LBI estate where he was employed and as customary, went to his family’s home to relax before moving on to Buxton. This was sometime after 2 pm. Within a few minutes of him being there, his attacker turned up and immediately objected to his presence. After an argument and a scuffle, eyewitnesses had said, the man managed to stab Benjamin in the heart even as Benjamin tried to fight him off with his cutlass. Benjamin then collapsed and his attacker fled.

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