Family to move for independent autopsy on Essequibo school boy

Relatives of Troy Livan, the boy who reportedly died of a diabetic condition, say they intend to exhume the boy’s body to conduct an independent post-mortem examination.

Judy Livan, the boy’s aunt, yesterday told Stabroek News that the family has never believed that Livan died from diabetes,

Troy Livan
Troy Livan

as was determined by a government pathologist. This suspicion was/and continues to be aided by a huge bump which was found on his neck and black and blue marks on parts of his body after he had died.

As such, she said, the boy’s body will be exhumed, after which an independent pathologist, who the family says will most likely be hired from the United States, will carry out another post-mortem examination.

The woman said that she realises that the cost of the procedure will be steep but said the family is prepared to pay it since they believe it will confirm suspicions that he died as a result of the beating he had said he received at the hands of his schoolmates at the 8th of May Primary School.

The family however, is unable to say exactly when they exhumation and PME will take place.

Livan, a sixth grade student and resident of Bounty Hall, Essequibo, died on May 16 after he was allegedly attacked by three grade six students after a cricket game gone wrong.

Before he died the boy relayed his experience to relatives who said he told them he had been beaten about his head, neck and belly. He also said that when he told a teacher of what had transpired they did nothing.

The boy’s mother, Roxanne Livan had also said that the school was denying that the boys was attacked in the toilet and took no action even though the names of his alleged attackers were provided.

Livan fell ill subsequent to the beating and was taken to the Charity Hospital and then to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where doctors said that his blood sugar was 240.

The boy later died, as plans were being made for him to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. His post-mortem later determined that he had died as a result of diabetes.

Relatives refused this as the case of his death, stating that Livan was never ill except for the customary cold and fever.

“He wasn’t sick. He was a strong healthy child”, Judy had said.

In a statement on Wednesday,  the Ministry of Education said “Our investigation into this most regrettable death of this child has revealed categorically that the child died of medical conditions and not of any other reason.”

It said that Livan was examined on May 15th 2013 by Dr. Horalio Garcia Gonzalez who diagnosed him with Ketoacidosis Debut Diabetes Mellitus.  The ministry said that according to the medical report, Livan was admitted on May 15th to the Intensive Care Unit of the Suddie Public Hospital Treatment and Diagnostic Centre.

The report stated that Livan died the following day.

The post-mortem conducted revealed that the child died of Ketoacidosis Debut Diabetes Mellitus and Acute Gastritis, the ministry statement added.

“The Ministry through the Minister has spoken to the Pathologist who confirmed that the he was aware of the allegations that the child was hit and specifically examined him for marks of violence and/or injuries.

As an expert, the Pathologist concluded that the cause of death was Ketoacidosis Debut Diabetic Mellitus and Acute Gastritis and indeed confirmed that there was no evidence to support the allegations of physical trauma being suffered by the child”, the ministry statement added.

The Ministry said its “extensive investigations” also failed to elicit any evidence to substantiate the allegations of the child being involved in a fight and dying as a result of it.

“We understand and are sympathetic to the pain that the parents, teachers, relatives and friends may feel at this most untimely loss but we urge that good sense prevail in the pronouncements that are made”, the ministry said.

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